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About us

Delve Experiences is on a mission to grow educational agritourism. We connect travelers with meaningful local experiences, and we help farms and producers access broader tourism markets.

Our mission

We use technology to increase public knowledge of agriculture and open economic opportunities for producers. Our platform empowers curious adventurers to learn and helps local agriculture thrive. We support producers with marketing, tech support, and business development, and we help travelers find interesting and meaningful activities.

Our history

Delve Experiences formally launched from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in summer 2023. Delve is bootstrapped startup, founded by a mom who wanted to connect her kids, and the rest of the world, with enlightening experiences on farms. 

We started with a desire to connect travelers with the farmers who feed our communities. The more we evolve, the more we realize the large-scale benefits of agritourism for travelers, farmers, and communities.

Our location

Our headquarters are in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have team dispersed across Texas. We are currently expanding into the Austin area and across Texas. We collaborate with producers across the state and beyond to build a network of quality educational experiences.

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