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Our bookings process

How Bookings Work

When you publish your experiences on the Delve Experiences platform, here how the process works …

Screenshot showing a tour being booked for two adults

Visitor requests booking

The visitor views the listing, selects a day and time, the number of guests (which can be divided by categories such as adult/child/etc), and any add-on products.

KEEP IN MIND: Our default cancellation policy is that all bookings are nonrefundable, but rescheduling can be requested and is your discretion to complete. Special considerations may be made for extreme situations outside visitors’ control or that are unable to be reasonably rescheduled. If you cancel an experience, customers must be issued a full refund, and you must pay the card processing fees.

Visitor registers (if needed)

If a visitor is not already registered, they are prompted to register for a profile in order to complete a booking.

Booking is confirmed

The confirmation process depends on how the listing is set up:

  1. INSTANT BOOKING: The visitor immediately pays the fee and is automatically confirmed without further action from you.
  2. STANDARD BOOKING: You receive an email notifying you to approve the request. You must log into your profile to complete this approval step.

Both you and the visitor will receive an email confirming the booking, and they will also receive a reminder as the booking approaches..

Prepare for the experience

If there are any additional instructions needed, you can reach out to visitors to share this information. You also can contact them about any updates like severe weather.

You also should watch out for any messages from them (you will be notified by email if there are messages waiting).

If needed, you can add participants or cancel and rebook the experience to an alternate date or time. More complex inquiries can be escalated to our support team.

KEEP IN MIND: You will have your visitors’ emails, names, and phone numbers. You are expected to follow applicable laws to care for this customer data if you transfer it out of the Delve Experiences platform.

Welcome your visitors!

Host your experience as planned. 


After the experience, customers will be prompted to leave a review for you on the Delve Experiences platform. You are not required to respond to these reviews, but we recommend you monitor your reviews to gather any additional input that may help you refine your experiences, and respond as much as possible.

Reviews in Dashboard view

Throughout the entire process, if you need assistance, you can call the Delve Services Support team (phone number shared upon publication of listings), email for a response within 1 business day, or reach us through Live Chat during business hours. Visitors can also reach us through email and Live Chat options.

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