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How we define our listings

How we define our listings

There are many definitions of agritourism, but we have some specific definitions that apply to listings at Delve Experiences. We focus on experiences that educate visitors about production of food, fiber, or natural goods (e.g., wood, salt, leather, soap, candles). All our listings are day trip experiences that do not involve overnight accommodations. Most of our experiences are about 3 hours in length, and within 1.5 hours of major metropolitan areas or along major thoroughfares. We strive to offer high-quality experiences that emphasize engagement, hands-on activities, and multiple learning styles.

Types of Experiences

Our experiences fall into six main categories:

  • Tours – provide an overview of a production facility and educate visitors about daily operations
  • Workshops & Classes – teach visitors how to perform an activity, such as producing a
  • Tastings – offer visitors a chance to learn about different varieties of a food or beverage through taste samples
  • Field Trips – group educational experiences typically used by schools, homeschool groups, or churches and often involve group transit
  • Farm to Table Events – dining experiences that educate visitors about the sourcing and qualities of foods on their plate
  • Volunteer Opportunities – offer visitors a chance to support agriculture through labor

Experiences may fall into more than one category above. Producers who offer volunteer opportunities must also offer one or more other types of experiences. For questions on categorizing an experience, contact


We use the same seven regions used by Texas Parks & Wildlife and Travel Texas state agencies.


Our listings can be filtered by a variety of features. Here’s how we define them:

We rely on producers who list with our site to self-select what features apply to their experiences per the descriptions above. If we are made aware of any instances where experiences do not match these definitions, we reach out to work with the producer to resolve any concerns. We may remove listings if we are unable to come to a suitable resolution.

For any questions or concerns, contact us at