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Consulting on field trips and U-pick

Megan Neubauer owns one of the most popular U-pick destinations in the DFW area, and one that keeps teaching future generations through field trips – including “field trips for grownups.”

Working a two-person operation with her father at Pure Land Farm, Megan has developed her field trips over the years to work well with her farm operations and learned how to tightly manage schedules, activities, and staffing to maximize impact and minimize stress. This lets her ensure her farm is giving back to the community and future generations, but keeps her focus on her larger U-pick operations.

Additionally, Megan has mastered the art of cultivating both produce and excitement among the DFW audience, yielding greater profits for her farm and lots of fun for all the customers who visit. She’s publishing a book and a course on her methods, but meanwhile she is open to consulting other farmers interested in pursuing similar paths.

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Hosted By High Hope Ranch

High Hope Ranch

High Hope Ranch was donated to the biodynamic organization, Living Lands Trust, in 2022. As partnering stewards of these lands, they conduct the growth of all agriculture under biodynamic standards. They are currently seeking Demeter Certification for all of our edible and herbal products.

They raise their food with the utmost respect and care for the spirits within every plant and animal. Biodynamics not only honors life but also brings more intentionality and spirit into the work they do. Some of this includes planting/tending to animals with the moon and planet cycles, creating biodynamic preparations and spreading them out in the garden/on the land, and creating biodynamic compost.