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Cultural and Educational Tour Texas Tribal Buffalo Project

Waelder, Texas

There is so much that is special and beautiful about this place.  The Texas Tribal Buffalo Project ranch provides the opportunity to experience a soul recharge on their ancestral tribal land, the opportunity to learn how the tribe is providing reparation to the bison as their caretakers, the opportunity to experience the relationship between the land and animals, and how that can relate to the well-being of both humans and animals.

Guided tours provide a chance for visitors to interact with and understand the buffalo, and learn about Texas history and the culture of native peoples including your host the Lipan Apache tribe.  

Indigenous history and culture center around food and bison, both of which are dependent on soil health and regeneration.  The ranch practices holistic grazing as part of their stewardship of all its natural resources, which includes the bison.  Visitors will be given the history and information about the habits of these fascinating animals.

Ranch tours include the use of a tipi to share teachings and stories of tribal peoples and the buffalo.  Groups will be offered a home cooked meal featuring bison burgers and sliced bison roast sandwiches.

The host members of the Lipan Apache tribe wishes to connect visitors to the buffalo, while honoring their powerful tribal ancestral connection to heal the land, heal the people and heal the spirit.

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