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Field trips at Opal’s Farm

Fort Worth, Texas

Take a field trip at Opal’s Farm, founded by community activist Opal Lee, a retired teacher and activist nicknamed the “Grandmother of Juneteenth” for her success in lobbying to make the Texas holiday recognized nationwide. The field trips are developed by educators to support Texas state curriculum requirements (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS), and they take place on the five-acre urban farm east of Fort Worth downtown, on rich, fertile bottom land near the Trinity River. The field trips can be customized for pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade or beyond, and are appropriate for public school groups, homeschoolers, church or extracurricular groups, or just families looking for educational activities.

Key questions answered in these field trips include “Where does our food come from before we buy it in the grocery store?” and “What does it take to grow the food that we eat every day?” The tailored field trips answer these questions with hands-on experiences on the farm. Groups taste, feel, hear, and see their way through a diverse food ecosystem, exploring soil environments, pollinators, gardening, food processing, and many other topics.

Field trips are adapted based on group size and age, and offer a variety of activities to choose from. They run from 2 to 4 hours, and can include 2 to 4 topics from the list below. They can also be paid from one group payment or booked individually by participants (you share a link with your group and they book and pay directly). We are also able to collect waivers through the booking process, including custom waivers if provided. 

To get started arranging a field trip at Opal’s Farm, email support@delveexperiences to request a time for your field trip, or reach out with general questions. We will reach back to you and set up a trip specific to your group’s needs.


Topic options for field trips at Opal’s Farm

Choose 2-4 topics for your experience:

Composting and soil ecology

Ages: Can be tailored for all age groups

Explore our composting system and soil health on the farm. Learn about the nutrient cycle, diverse soil ecosystems, and sustainable practices to improve soil health and the communities that rely on them.

Pollinator exploration

Ages: Great for young learners PreKindergarten-4th grade

Learn about the important role pollinators play on the farm and all other environments. Identify common pollinators and learn basic plant and flower parts by visiting the farm’s bee family and engaging in fun arts and craft activities.

Organic gardening fundamentals

Ages: Can be tailored for all age groups

Want to learn how to garden in a sustainable way? Come learn about the basics of gardening from taking care of the soil, planting, dealing with pests, and harvesting wonderful fruits and vegetables. 

Exploring a farm ecosystem

Ages: Can be tailored for all age groups

Explore the living and nonliving aspects of a farm. Compare a healthy diverse farm ecosystem to other environments. Learn about practices on a healthy farm that contribute to healthier humans, healthier environments, and resilience in the face of a changing climate.

Games to reinforce learning

Ages: Best for preKindergarten – 6th grade

Games that burn energy, build teamwork, and reinforce concepts learned on the farm. Most of the time these games come at the beginning and end of the field trip.

Fighting food insecurity

Ages: Best for 7th – 12th grade

Learn about local communities that struggle with food insecurity and movements that act to alleviate these issues. Explore how the farm aids in fighting food insecurity through our food production, community education,  and relationships with local food banks and farmers markets.

Wetland and watershed studies 

Ages: Best for 7th – 12th grade

Opal’s Farm sits on the banks of the Trinity River. Learn how the farm influences water quality and the importance clean water has on healthy human societies. Explore these concepts through water quality testing, discussions around agricultural based water conservation, and fishing on the banks of the Trinity.


About the farm

Opal’s Farm is dedicated to providing farm-fresh, nutritious food in the neighborhood that has been federally declared a food desert. It leverages organic farming practices, and resides on land owned by the Tarrant County Water District. Unity Unlimited, the nonprofit behind Opal’s arm also seeks to create jobs, provide training, and bring a spirit of entrepreneurship and self-reliance back to the local community. In particular, it works with the incarcerated to offer them a chance to re-enter society. Opal’s Farm is also creating community plots that can be leased to those interested in ongoing participation and education.

Interested in learning more about the farm’s history and work in the community? Tour the farm of the Grandmother of Juneteenth.


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Hosted By Opal's Farm

Opal's Farm

Opal's Farm is a five acre urban farm in Fort Worth, Texas, started by the "Grandmother of Juneteenth," Opal Lee. It aims to provide fresh food, jobs, and other benefits to its community. The farm is part of Unity Unlimited, Inc.