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Getting started with Dorper sheep

Terrill, Texas

Learn how to start or improve your Dorper sheep operation from successful rancher Lauri Celella, co-owner of Poetry Dorpers and Dry Creek Livestock, along with her husband, veterinarian Dave Celella. Learn why these South African, shedding sheep can be well-suited for Texas farms and ranches, and what to consider when planning your herd.

Lauri Celella has raised Dorper sheep for 15 years, and she is a certified practitioner of holistic management education. Her experience means you will learn how to raise sheep, but also how to balance multiple goals including soil regeneration, ecological impact, maximizing nutritional quality, and improving wildlife habitat.

This 3-to-4 hour workshop gives you practical knowledge of fencing options and tips, pasture management, considerations on cost, how to identify and handle a sick sheep, and will provide you a foundational understanding for planning or expanding your operation. You can also learn how to do basic health screenings such as fecal samples and famacha testing, which can offer significant savings over time.

Participants should bring a sack lunch and prepare to be walking outside in pastures and paddocks. This workshop can be held for a small number of people, but is limited to 10 participants maximum.

Want to learn more about how Celella uses worm castings to manager her pastures? Try the Hands-on vermicomposting class.



  • Single participant
    $ 100.00
  • Couple
    $ 150.00

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