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Hands-on vermicomposting class

Terrill, Texas

This class offers gardeners and pasture managers hands-on experience generating worm castings, the organic fertilizer made by earthworms. The class is taught by Lauri Celella, co-owner and manager of Poetry Dorper Sheep and Dry Creek Livestock in Terrill. Lauri is certified in holistic management education, and worm castings create a “black gold” soil that is rich in nutrients and helps her manage pastures for her livestock. Avid gardeners also appreciate worm castings for their ability to fertilize home and commercial gardens.

This class shows you how to create worm castings at home to save money and choose what materials go into them. The 2.5 hour class can be run for 5 to 10 people maximum. You will learn the farm’s system for composting, including exploring what materials are needed, and what options and results you may get from different materials and equipment. You’ll also discuss Celella’s timeline for composting and how much the system can produce. You will leave the class understanding how you can get started in your own home or garden, and what materials to buy.

The class is held in a climate-controlled garage space. Class times are suggested in the booking widget, but special requests may be acccmodated for groups of 5 to 10.

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