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Captivating honeybee show-and-tell with local beekeeper

DFW area

We Bee Keepin’ beekeepers brings this honeybee show-and-tell to you with a mobile hive to entertain and educate children and adults alike. Hear firsthand from experienced beekeeper Jeremy Campbell about honeybee bee biology, beekeeping, and much more. This experience features a mobile observation hive demonstration so your audience can see real honeybees working in their hive safely through glass.

The experience is customizable to your group’s interests, but typically runs 1 hour and includes discussion, demonstration, and Q&A. Great for classes, parties, hobby groups, or any event where you want to create a buzz!

Show-and-Tell Logistics

You can host this experience indoors or outdoors as long as it’s above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires no special facilities, so can be anywhere including in a classroom, a church, or a house backyard. Works best for groups of 5 to 30 participants. May be able to handle larger groups with additional discussion or planning. 1 hour session is $350; discounts available for booking multiple sessions. Optional honey tasting experience add-on is extra and includes greater detail about honey varieties and processing.

Use the widget to request your preferred day and time. Include the requested services. We will reach out to finalize plans before you submit payment. You can pay as a group, or have your participants pay their share individually.

Interested in an apiary tour in the field? Try We Bee Keepin’s private beekeeping experience. They also offer consultation services for amateur beekeepers.

Metropolitan area




  • Beekeping Show-and-Tell

    1-hour demonstration featuring mobile hive; can be customized upon request (may impact price). Booking multiple sessions in same location will enable discounts.

    $ 350.00
  • Standard Honey Tasting

    30-minute honey tasting experience including flight of 3 honeys and discussion of different tastes and processing for group of up to 30 participants. This experience can be further customized to include additional honeys or elements upon request (may impact price).

    $ 100.00
  • Discuss Customized Experience

    If you would like to discuss additional customizations, please select this option. Customizations may be free, or if they extend the experience time or requirements, we'll clarify final pricing before any payment is made.


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Hosted By We Bee Keepin'

We Bee Keepin'

We Bee Keepin’ is founded on a healthy appreciation of nature and the role the honeybee plays in it. WBK is made of active beekeepers, meaning beekeepers that are constantly learning and changing management practices to better serve people, bees, and our environment.

WBK provides an array of customizable beekeeping services that help connect (or disconnect) bees and people. Since starting our beekeeping journey, WBK is responsible for many new beekeepers discovering the joy of rearing honeybees, and the list grows every year.