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Spend the day with exotic livestock at a real working ranch

Burleson, Texas

Spend the day with exotic animals at a real working ranch in Burleson. This memorable experience is perfect for animal lovers ages 18+, women’s days out, or any adults who want to learn more about these majestic creatures. A Wizard’s Spell ranch has imported and raised Gypsy Horses, both full size and the latest exotic Mini Gypsies, for more than 20 years. These incredible horses are imported from the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland, and their babies are born here in Texas each Spring. 

This ranch has worked directly with Romani Traveller people of the UK and Ireland to import Gypsy Horses, and the breed carries a fascinating history that you will learn during your day on the ranch. Gypsy Horses are known for their calm temperament, long manes, and full feathered feet. The ranch’s horses have been featured in the Fort Worth Stock Show, the State Fair of Texas, and the Fort Worth Stockyards Parades, as well as other prestigious livestock venues. Additionally, these same horses have been used in the ranch’s therapy program for 12 years, providing no-cost help to those in need.  You will have hands-on experience with these beauties.

In addition to the incredible horses, you will also get hands-on experience with another incredible exotic breed, the Valais Blacknose Sheep, originally from Switzerland and then brought through the UK and New Zealand.  These sheep are extremely rare – so rare, in fact, that the US Department of Agriculture doesn’t allow importing of any sheep. A Wizard’s Spell Ranch participates in a “breed up” program, and you’ll also learn more about how this works during your time at the ranch. You’ll interact with the sheep, as well as learn about their incredible wool and its uses, including seeing the ranch’s wool studio and some of its creations.

And, to top off your experience, there will be three Tibetan Yaks wandering around and likely showing off their antics.

Your time at this real working ranch will make for a day you won’t forget. Small groups mean lots of hands-on time. Bring your lunch and drinks, and enjoy a picnic at the table under the trees watching the animals being silly. This experience is available select time slots in the booking widget or by request for groups of 10 or more, ages 18+. Message us to request a date for your group.

Note: Cell phones and cameras must be stowed during your time on the ranch, however you will be provided with plenty of free pictures of your time with the animals.

There are currently no bookable times for this event, however the ranch is offering a chance for a select few to Visit newborn Valais Blacknose Sheep. Or, contact to arrange for a private group experience at this ranch.

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  • Celeste Moreland
    Celeste Moreland
    February 27, 2024 at 11:51 AM

    Despite the rain and chilly conditions, visiting A Wizard’s Spell Ranch was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the sheep and horses that live on the property. Linda, our lovely host, had awesome stories and experiences to share about how she found herself where she is today. Honestly, I can’t wait to visit again.

    Helpful Review
  • Cole hoffman
    February 11, 2024 at 6:40 PM

    Booked this experience on a whim, couldn’t be happier that I did. Linda is now queen of all ranchers in my eyes and I cannot wait to go back to spend time at the incredible working ranch she’s built. This ranch is the real deal. The day was packed with learning at a great pace, time with the animals, and an activity that ties everything together. Price is absolutely worth the experience for how much is packed into one day. No question if I’d do this again.

    Helpful Review

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A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas, has been a World Show Champion Gypsy Horse breeder/importer for over 20 years. This is a busy working ranch that also provides equine therapy for Veterans and others. Specializing in international and exotic livestock, the ranch also boasts a Valais Blacknose Sheep breeding program and a happy home to Tibetan Yaks. Additionally, the ranch offers Wool Working Creative Classes with wool from sheep at this ranch.

Expect Gypsy Horse foals in the busy Spring as well as Valais Blacknose Sheep lambs.

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