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Texas pollinators discussion + butterfly release (seasonal)

DFW area

Join avid gardener and naturalist Cordelia West to learn how pollinators are essential to our environment and what you can do to protect them. We’ll discuss how pollinators touch our lives every day. For example:

  • Pollinators assist in the reproduction of plants for the fibers in our clothing, such as cotton and flax.
  • Crops that have come from pollination contain key ingredients that are essential for our diet, for example Vitamin E.
  • The livestock we eat graze on alfalfa or clover, which depend on insect pollination.

You will also learn how to better support pollinators. For example, growing the right flowers, shrubs & trees with overlapping bloom times supports pollinators in your garden spring through fall. You’ll see which plants work best in north Texas. You will also learn how to create nest sites for pollinator eggs and larvae (such as nesting blocks) to support their life stages.

The presentation ends in a butterfly release if possible; this option depends on the season, butterfly availability, and weather.

This presentation typically lasts 1 hour and includes a Q&A. The discussion can take place indoors or outside, with any butterfly release taking place outdoors. Great for gardeners, those interested in conservation, and everyone who enjoys the outdoors in Texas.

Base fee is $300 in the general DFW area, with butterflies included in pricing. Further distances or additional customization may require additional fees.

Metropolitan area


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