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Wool working classes with long-wool Valais Blacknose Sheep locks

Burleson, Texas

Fiber enthusiasts and other curious adventurers will love these woolworking classes with a full sheep-to-cloth experience. Classes are small for an intimate and interactive experience. Get hands-on experience in the entire process, from handling raw wool, to scouring, to dyeing, to drum carding, to needle and wet felting, to spinning and weaving. Classes last about 5 hours and are appropriate for adults or mature teens accompanied by supervising adults and with any level of interest and knowledge in wool production.

The experience starts with meeting the ranch’s Valais Blacknose Sheep, learning about the breed and the specific personalities of the sheep at the ranch, and feel their luxurious locks at their source. You will learn about keeping and shearing, and then be able to handle bags of raw wool and process and dye it with colors only limited by your imagination. The class will also give you a chance drum carder, wet felt, needle felt, and make art yarn on an Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner (for fiber enthusiasts, that means no treadle required – it’s all electric).

Visits are set up privately for small groups of ages 12+. Message us for more information or with specific requests. Visit proceeds help support the ranch’s therapy programs for Veterans and others.

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A Wizards Spell Ranch in Burleson, Texas, has been a World Show Champion Gypsy Horse breeder/importer for over 20 years. This is a busy working ranch that also provides equine therapy for Veterans and others. Specializing in international and exotic livestock, the ranch also boasts a Valais Blacknose Sheep breeding program and a happy home to Tibetan Yaks. Additionally, the ranch offers Wool Working Creative Classes with wool from sheep at this ranch.

Expect Gypsy Horse foals in the busy Spring as well as Valais Blacknose Sheep lambs.