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Pricing field trips

Pricing field trips

Our team at Delve Experiences is continuing to survey field trip options across Texas. We are looking at both  farm field trips, as well as other alternatives schools have for activities (museums, sports activities, etc.). We’ve collected about 50 sites thusfar, and are continuing to review and add to this analysis in spring 2023. We’ll be publishing a more robust report by March 2023, but are able to provide some summary numbers now here:

Texas field trips by the numbers

  • Typical cost range: $5-$20 per student, with most $7-$15 per student
    • Lower prices tend to also have supplemental activities or costs (berry picking, butter making, pumpkin painting)
  • Typical minimum number of participants: 10-30 students
  • Maximum number of participants: 120 students
  • Typical length: 1-4 hours

Factors that influence pricing can include:

  • Quality of educational experience
  • Distance to metro area
  • Length of field trip
  • Structured activities requiring more staffing vs open play that may require less staffing
  • Take-home products (e.g., pumpkins)
  • Availability of other concessions

Last updated: January 2023