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How we work

We are on a mission to grow educational agritourism in Texas. If you have experiences that teach people about farming, we’d love to bring you visitors. You can focus on farming and teaching: Let us market and book your experiences.

We work on a 15% commission basis, so it’s free to try, and we only make money if we bring you visitors.

Our reservation platform includes technical support, and we are building a network of thousands of people who are specifically interested in learning about and supporting local farms. We also can support product sales and provide market insight.


Most frequent questions and answers

Delve takes care of the tech and marketing so you can focus on farming and teaching. We offer:

  • support developing or refining your listings
  • a booking platform to handle ticketing and reminders
  • marketing support to get you more customers
  • resources to help you learn about and plan your business, including connections with people who can help you

It’s free to join and free to set up a listing. We only make money when we bring you new customers. 

In short, we don’t make money until you do. We operate on a 15% commission model, and we cover the payment processing fees. It’s free to create an account, free support, and no subscription fees.

Our business model is similar to other larger general tour companies, but we offer lower prices, custom focus on agritourism, and Texas-based support.

You chose the ticket or product prices, but we support you with insights about what we see in the market, and what has worked for other farms.

How many visitors you get will depend on where you’re located and what you offer. However, we can say that producers within 1 hour of a major city, or along a major thoroughfare, generally get the most traffic. We find that with marketing support and quality agritourism experiences, we can increase traffic for all our producers..

Learn more about the types of experiences we support.

You will work with our team to set up your listings. You’ll need to decide if you want to approve each booking request individually, or let visitors pay immediately with Instant Booking. Either way, you’ll be notified by email each time someone books your listing. Connect with us to schedule a demo.

We require that all our partners have a 100% refund policy for any experiences canceled by you. You can offer your visitors an option to rebook in lieu of a refund, but they must have the choice. Our support team can guide you how to notify your customers and offer refunds or rebooking.

Definitely! You can set up a second listing with Delve and see how both work for you. We can talk you through how to sync calendars. We find that even farms that have broach reach can benefit from also posting a listing for private tours with us to help broaden their market.

Sorry but no. We are a mission-driven organization, focusing on producers offering educational agritourism experiences. Producers must offer at least one qualifying experience to also list products on our site. We also have limits on the number and type of products that can be listed here to drive focus on experiences.

Producers only interested in direct sales have many other options for listing their products. If you’d like a referral for a direct sales marketplace serving farms, feel free to contact us.

We offer unique access to customers actively seeking agritourism experiences like yours. In addition, we offer resources, support, community, and a chance to join in our mission of increasing agritourism and empowering producers like you.

Learn more about our mission.

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