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Standards and requirements for experiences

In addition to behaving in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Service, which apply to all users, Delve Experiences Hosts—including their Co-Hosts and assistants—must abide by our Additional Terms for Experience Hosts and meet the following standards and requirements.

Before any Experience is published, it is reviewed based on the below criteria and it must continue upholding these standards to remain on Delve Experiences. If an Experience doesn’t meet these requirements, the listing or associated account may be restricted, suspended, or removed from the Delve Experiences Platform.

Experience requirements

In order to be published, an Experience submission must demonstrate that it has a direct connection to active agricultural production and an educational value. Experiences that include accommodations or lodging of any kind are not permitted. If you are interested in offering accommodations, Delve Experiences can refer you to another organization that provides this service.

Hosts must honor all booked reservations

Hosts must honor their reservations, unless the Host must cancel due to a valid extenuating circumstance, safety concerns, or dangerous weather conditions. Learn more about our Cancellation Policy.

Guest feedback

Guests like to know they can expect a consistent level of quality, no matter where they book. Experiences must maintain a high overall rating and avoid too many low review ratings (1-3 stars) from guests. Hosts with too many low ratings or guest-reported issues may have their listings suspended and/or removed from Delve Experiences.

Listing page requirements

The Experience itinerary must be clear, complete, and accurate. Guests should know exactly what to expect upon booking the Experience. This applies to all Experience details, including:

  • What guests will be doing
  • Meeting address and instructions for meeting up with the Host
  • What’s included in the price (ex: what the Host is providing for guests)
  • What guests need to bring with them (ex: extra cash to buy food that’s not included)
  • The time and date of the Experience

Compliance with local laws or restrictions

Hosts are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and other requirements that apply to their Experience.