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What is agritourism?

What is agritourism?

Agritourism can be defined in a variety of ways, depending especially on where you are in the world. Different food cultures, agricultural traditions, rural lifestyles, and preferred vacation styles result in unique agritourism experiences in each part of the planet.  

In the US, agritourism takes place primarily on small farms producing food. A framework published by Oregon State University outlines the various types of agritourism and their relevance to everyday farm activities (either core or periphery, as shown in this diagram). At Delve, we focus on the core activities of agritourism, primarily those that fall under Education. We aim to promote experiences at working farms and agriculture-focused businesses that educate visitors on the importance of agriculture for the production of food and everyday goods. 

We respect the value of other types of agritourism (such as entertainment, outdoor recreation, farm lodging, and others), and we are happy to refer questions to organizations that specialize in these areas. But we focus specifically on connecting the public with enriching educational opportunities. We encourage producers to list any agritourism experience that aligns with this mission. They may mention other activities available onsite or include product sales directly to the educational experience. However, all listings should be driven by our focus on educational experience.

Graphic visualizes core and peripheral areas of agritourism. Core areas include education, hospitality, direct sales, entertainment, and outdoor recreation
Graphic visualizes core and peripheral areas of agritourism

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