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Why we believe in agritourism

Why we believe in agritourism

We started Delve based on a belief that agritourism was a good thing for the world. And research keeps proving us right. 

At Delve Experiences, we’re proud to collaborate with the world’s leading researchers in understanding and sharing the impacts of agritourism on people, communities, and the planet. Here are a few takeaways of what their studies show about agritourism: 

  1. Agritourism provides alternate income sources for farms and agricultural businesses. The vast majority of these producers are subject to seasonal constraints. Your support of these small businesses empowers both the producers themselves and their communities. 
  2. Agritourism educates travelers. For example, after an agritourism experience, consumers tend to buy more local and environmentally sustainable products. By better understanding food systems, you can make sure your dollars are supporting causes and practices you care about.
  3. Agritourism improves travelers’ mental health, providing meaningful experiences, joy and pleasure. You can feel better and think more clearly after connecting with the natural world and exploring other cultures. Participating in agritourism can help bring balance to the hectic pace of modern life. 
  4. Agritourism brings together different types of people, including those from urban and rural backgrounds, different ethnicities and races, different socioeconomic groups, and differing world views. These interactions focused on real-world experiences can build understanding and compassion in our increasingly polarized society. 

So every time you visit a farm, and meet a farmer or fellow traveler, you are a part of something bigger than yourself. Thank you for being part of our mission to support local farms and connect people around the world.